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Egg Break | W8 | Soft launch

Egg Break Soft launch

As regular readers will know, I love a good restaurant. I also love when an amazing restaurant becomes even better.

I recently attended Egg Break’s relaunch after months of refurbishment but with a new chef in place the décor was not the only thing receiving an upgrade. The premises is still located off Kensington High street but has shrugged off it’s casual, ‘pop up’ vibe and taken on the mantle of a more permanent fixture.

Egg Break front
Egg break inside
3. Downstairs egg break tables

Inside remained as effortlessly cool, not much changed structurally, it was mainly cosmetic, you still have the cosy corners for lazy afternoon’s.

Downstairs egg break
Downstairs lemon tree

The menu has been condensed but the staple dishes have been preserved, alongside new and exciting options to choose from such as the coal roasted squash and a mexican omelette.

Egg Break Drinks
Egg break menu
Egg Break coffee

Not knowing quite where to begin and being a soft launch we decided to commit to the occasion and try well, most of the menu.


We went for the Green Shakshuka which is baked eggs with kale, spinach, tomato and harissa – a vibrant new addition to the already brilliant menu. The corn bread waffles are delectable genius and the fried chicken sandwich served with lettuce, hot sauce and house pickles was superior to any chicken sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

Fried chicken sandwhich
Green Shakshuka close up
Cornbread waffles yoke

It’s safe to say Egg break is still on my list of favourites.

Adam Mosley

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