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Egg Break Review | Notting Hill | W8

Egg Break

A new favourite has just opened in Notting Hill.

Egg Break, is a collaboration between the Ennismore and the Soho House group. The laid back joint is located on the W8 side of Notting Hill in a once sorry looking Thai restaurant, the guys at Soho house have worked their magic and turned it into a fantastically re-branded and addictive all day breakfast hot spot.

Inside a restaurant
Egg break daily cocktail
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The place has an incredibly relaxed atmosphere, which of course goes with the understated décor and chipped away flooring.

I went with one of my best friends and as we have always been in the habit of over-ordering, we settled on a fair chunk of the menu. We went for the fried chicken bun topped with a fried egg, alongside a portion of broken eggs with chorizo and tomato.

Fried Chicken bun
Broken eggs and chorizo

Fried cabbage topped with a poached egg and aioli, lemon and Parmesan, which was utterly amazing.

Two portions of my all time favourite; crushed avocado with chilli flakes on gluten-free bread, again topped with poached eggs.

Fried cabbage
Avocado on toast
Broken egg over avocado

Accompanied by a generous portion of chips for good measure.

I couldn’t recommend it enough. Already being a huge fan of the other Soho House joints such as Chicken Shop, Dirty burger and Dean Street Townhouse this is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood!

Coffee and sugar
Coffee on the table corner

Egg Break | 30 Uxbridge Street | London | W8 7TA

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